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This newsletter is not only intended for managers, but also for those who recognize the importance of perspective leadership for their own organization, or for another organization they know. Please see further in this newsletter for what extra I offer you and others.

A booklet about the development and development process “Transforming to perspective leadership”

Marketing experts indicate that Pyramide brochures will not be read because they contain too much text. That’s why I call them books. Fortunately, they apparently offer so much useful content that they are also used as a checklist. So I hope that you too will benefit from it anyway.

In this booklet you will find the following information:

– On pages 4, 5 and 6: The why of this program, the target group and about the program itself
– On page page 7: An overview of the half-days to which the following teachers / trainers contribute: Rob van den Berg, Tjeerd Krumpelman, Harm Scheepstra, Marguerite Soeteman, Martin Thoolen, Fons Trompenaars and Gerwin de Vries
– From page 8: The program
– On pages 8 – 10 – 12 – 16 – 18 – 19 and 22: The results that can be achieved. These are used as a checklist for realizing the desires and objectives at the individual, team and organizational level and in the short and long term. Use it to your advantage!

– On pages 20 and 21: Other information and registration
– From page 23: Information about the teachers / trainers
– From page 28: Information about the In-depth days that can be followed
– From page 38: Information about the experts Erik de Boer, Arko van Brakel, Roel Kop, Sjoerd Scholte and Lucas van Wees and what they offer.

Individual registration is possible for managers from all social disciplines. The group size is a minimum of eight and a maximum of twelve participants. An organization can also register managers. The group size and its composition will then be determined in mutual consultation.

Helping each other pays off!

We live in a turbulent time with various crises and major, but also great challenges. And with new possibilities and opportunities. There is therefore a great need for perspective leadership throughout society and many people feel the urgency to realize this. That is why we want to start as soon as possible and Pyramide offers the following:

If you register someone else for participation in the program before December 15 – and the person concerned has also registered before that date – you will receive € 250.00. If you register before December 15, you will receive a €250.00 discount and you will not pay €7950.00, excluding VAT, but €7700.00, excluding VAT for participation in the eight-day “Transforming to perspective leadership” process.

I’d love to hear from you.

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